First Post. Where to start..

The thought of starting a mummy blog had always appealed to me. I wanted to connect and share with other mums my experience as a stay at home mum and all the fabulousness of my baby. I figured: I like writing, I love my life as a mum and I’m pretty good with technology. This blog could act as a journal to be published when I feel like indulging in the brilliance of my baby. So a while back I started posting.. only to find my points sounded better in my head. I deleted the narcissistic post immediately, started another, edited, deleted and re-started so many posts that the thought of RSI haunted me. Never content with the contents, I deleted the last frustrating post and didn’t look back.

There are so many brilliant mummy blogs out there – some informative, others funny, many educational. All offering to inspire and condition. I am certainly not aiming to be all of the above but I figured that I was perhaps approaching this blog idea from a wrong angle. How will my blog contribute to the world? Sure it’s great to brag about how brilliant baby is.. but whose baby isn’t? Don’t we all feel our baby/toddler/child is amazing, great at hitting milestones, precious.. even more precious than the vintage apothecary jar that she just broke? The blog needed to be more.

So, armed with a new blog host and a new goal, I attempt once more at starting a blog.

Have you ever had a stole-my-heart, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it-moment that you wish someone had witnessed with you? One that doesn’t sound that exciting by the time you repeat it to a friend the next day? I have.. So many! And I wish I could diarise the moments then and there. Being a mum can be tough, often lonely, especially when none of your friends have kids and the only companion you have is baby, dog and yourself. But I love it and there is so much I want to share about being mum to Ava, our daily adventures and mishaps, experiments, successes – all the moments that put mummy-hood into evidence.


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