To Party To Party. Or Not..

There comes a time in every mum’s life when she needs to sit back and decide where to draw the line between loving your daughter, and loving via indulging your daughter. If you are lucky enough to have (and listen to) the right guidance in this department, it will set a precedence for future, and perhaps already past generations.

For her First Birthday, since turning One is pretty major, we threw Ava a Pony Party. I spent weeks finding the right cake topper, sourced fabrics to match her new teepee.. the invitation was beautifully gift-boxed DVDs of Ava babbling on screen inviting her guests to come along. If you’re wondering if a one year old is old enough to ride a pony, well no they are not, unless accompanied by someone else. The point was to create a memorable event that would showcase the fact that our darling daughter deserves to be celebrated like this and to have guests celebrate her with us.

The party proved to be a success and lots of fun was had by adults and children, albeit we all got a little dusty. We had friends and family fly in from different places for the day, Ava received amazing gifts and thought her first cupcake wasn’t very tasty. The conservatives may have thought the party was rather lavish, but as I said – turning One is pretty major.


Such yummy cake!


The Big 2 is in August and I have been considering my options. On one hand, I’d love to throw a cameo-themed event with perhaps a little bit of circus thrown in. On the other hand I thought, to what purpose would another big party serve? To show off how fabulous my amateur event planning skills are? To entertain our friends and family? Should I scale it down a notch and focus on the Birthday Girl and the people who truly matter to her?

Tick and tick but I am not 100% convinced. Opportunities to celebrate and honor one’s self do not occur often enough. It is important for us to show our loved ones how special they are, to raise our children to higher ground. That is our purpose. I think it is especially important to highlight this when raising a girl so she can be a more confident and generous young woman. You see.. an event is not just an event. It is a ritual and serves a purpose. Women have been throwing rituals for centuries. Lucky for us we have better props!

I love creating events, from chasing up hay bales to catching up with guests to all the dramas in between. Whatever we decide to do this year, it will be special and meaningful. I look forward to the day Ava and I can plan something together – whether it be an alien themed party for her or a small celebration for two. But for now I will have to go with indulge. A line will be drawn on a rainy day.. when the right time calls for it.


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