Simplest Strawberry Trifle

I LOVE strawberries. Who doesn’t! My little one can eat them by the punnet and so can I! Besides the many nutritional benefits of a strawberry, this pretty red fruit has also sentimental benefits. Just one look and my mind reverts back to being a little girl, wearing a pretty dress, chewing on this sweet  juicy fruit.. It might be the colour or it might be the taste but one look and it simply makes me feel good holistically!

Did you know that 8 raw strawberries make up around 20% of the recommended folate intake – especially good for pregnant women. It is also said that if you rub sliced strawberries onto your teeth and leave them on for a while, it can whiten teeth and remove tartar.

In Australia, strawberry season has just started. Hooray! The other day at the grocery store I probably bought a few too many punnets.. I mean we use them as topping on our porridge, morning/afternoon snacks, dessert with yoghurt.. So I went a little nuts. This morning I decided to whip up a wholesome dessert using these lovely ripe strawberries.

A trifle is the simplest form of dessert. And if you use store-bought ingredients, you don’t even have to cook anything! Best of all, you can add all sorts of things into a trifle. Whatever you feel like! In this instance I decided to use what’s in my pantry, a sponge cake I baked yesterday and jelly that was calling out to be made. With hubby being a health nut, I also had to make sure it wouldn’t be too naughty!

Simplest Strawberry Trifle

6-8 strawberries, sliced
Sponge cake, cut into squares or sponge fingers
Strawberry jelly
Good quality custard

Put a thin layer of custard on the bottom of your trifle bowl (or large bowl if you haven’t got one).
Pour custard into a medium sized bowl and dip each sponge cake/finger into it.
Arrange the sponge cake tightly around the trifle bowl and drizzle more custard on top.
Add jelly all over and a layer of strawberry.
Repeat until you have a desired height or until you run out of ingredients!
Finish with the strawberry slices on top.
Refrigerate for 3-4 hours until the flavours meld together and the sponge has absorbed the strawberry juices.
Serve with a sprinkle of icing sugar and/or vanilla ice cream.

Strawberry Trifle!



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