Can Anyone Else Relate…?

Being a stay at home mum is a demanding job, full of ups and downs. Like all careers, you need to LOVE what you’re doing, otherwise it’s pointless to do. My daughter has recently arrived at Terrible Two. Recently… So the affect is still in its early stages. One thing for certain – she loves to play on our bed. I make the bed every morning, along with other housely duties. But there is me making the bed, and then there’s how Ava made the bed..

One morning I noticed a lot of muffled giggling happening from the main bedroom. It turned out to be a small unrecognisable being covered in white quilt wriggling on my bed, having a joyous time. The room looked a wreck! Another time en route to putting laundry away, there was a line up of all our bed pillows and cushions on the floor in the hallway. Apparently that was a snowman. There was also the time when she got stuck in the quilt covers, fell off the bed and ripped the seams. There goes my 1500TC Egyptian cover.. Luckily I needed a new one anyway.

It’s these little things that make my mind go “AAGH” but my heart go =). I cannot imagine how I would have handled this as a non-mum babysitting another child. I love my chosen career and although it doesn’t give me financial benefits, it fulfills me in so many more ways. Especially when I get to anticipate a revenge…

My Dearest Ava
One day, when you have grown up and moved into your beautiful home, I will visit each morning to jump on your perfectly made bed and throw your perfectly fluffed pillows on the floor.
Then I will leave and repeat in the afternoon.
I do hope it will be as fun for me as it was for you ♥



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