About a Boy.

It has been a while since my last post. There is no excuse for this.. However I think I have a pretty good one – we’ve been busy having a baby! We are so grateful to have a boy this time and he perfects our little family. When we found out we were having a second, we were ecstatic. We already have a beautiful daughter and we knew that another child would fit in wonderfully. Then the anxiety kicked in.. Towards the second and third trimesters, I could not comprehend the thought of having two kids. Be it baby brain or hormones, but at that time all these thoughts felt logical to me. My main concerns included 1) I’ve spent the last two and half years looking after a girl, what the hell am I going to do with a boy? 2) I love my daughter so so much, where am I going to find more love for this new person? Well I can now say that I am coping with a boy (I can even clean and change his nappy without worrying if I’m doing it right!), and I love him just as much as our daughter. Motherly instincts kicked in the moment he was born and thank goodness for that.

However, now into our fourth week, life is not as easy as I had expected. Our daughter was an easy baby (perhaps I have selective memory?) and I was expecting our boy to be the same. Hmm.. One should always prepare for a not so smooth ride! For us, the first week was about continuous crying at night, the second week was about constipation and the third week was about staying up past our 7pm bedtime. We concluded that the crying was due to wind and the constipation, after many poo conversations, was due to wind and perhaps the formula he was having. As for the staying up.. Well, we are still hoping for the best with this one!

It pays to mention also, that despite re-reading the once helpful baby books – Tizzie Hall’s Save Our Sleep and Gina Ford’s Contented Little Baby, there is no way you can smoothly juggle two routines without getting flustered or yelling (whilst feeding newbie) at the older one to eat dinner by herself like she did pre-baby. This is why wine o’clock is very important! Please, baby authors.. write a book that incorporates tips and routines for more than one young child.

Last night I slept quite well for the first time in 3 weeks. Eight hours with a 25 minute feed break wasn’t bad at all. Perhaps little man should stay up until 10pm more often. Haha.. Maybe not.. Ahh precious sleep. Luckily my husband Mark has been great with giving bub his night feeds. He is a bit of a night owl so that helps when I’m feeling sleep deprived or upset about why our baby won’t stop crying. Ladies, if your husbands don’t help with the night feeds, I suggest you whack him one in the head – any help would be a great support for you.

My next obstacle to tackle is day sleeping. Less day sleep = more night sleep, right? According to the routines, baby should only sleep a certain amount of time each day and be awake after his feeds. How to keep a newborn baby awake is a mystery to me. So far no amount of wet wipes, a screeching little girl running a muck or a friend’s three year old accidentally kicking him have managed to wake him. On the other hand, if I can just remember how I managed to get daughter into her routine so easily.. Why is my memory so blurred?? Must be the lack of sleep! Or the baby brain!


Ava and I reading up on baby books



To Party To Party. Or Not..

There comes a time in every mum’s life when she needs to sit back and decide where to draw the line between loving your daughter, and loving via indulging your daughter. If you are lucky enough to have (and listen to) the right guidance in this department, it will set a precedence for future, and perhaps already past generations.

For her First Birthday, since turning One is pretty major, we threw Ava a Pony Party. I spent weeks finding the right cake topper, sourced fabrics to match her new teepee.. the invitation was beautifully gift-boxed DVDs of Ava babbling on screen inviting her guests to come along. If you’re wondering if a one year old is old enough to ride a pony, well no they are not, unless accompanied by someone else. The point was to create a memorable event that would showcase the fact that our darling daughter deserves to be celebrated like this and to have guests celebrate her with us.

The party proved to be a success and lots of fun was had by adults and children, albeit we all got a little dusty. We had friends and family fly in from different places for the day, Ava received amazing gifts and thought her first cupcake wasn’t very tasty. The conservatives may have thought the party was rather lavish, but as I said – turning One is pretty major.


Such yummy cake!


The Big 2 is in August and I have been considering my options. On one hand, I’d love to throw a cameo-themed event with perhaps a little bit of circus thrown in. On the other hand I thought, to what purpose would another big party serve? To show off how fabulous my amateur event planning skills are? To entertain our friends and family? Should I scale it down a notch and focus on the Birthday Girl and the people who truly matter to her?

Tick and tick but I am not 100% convinced. Opportunities to celebrate and honor one’s self do not occur often enough. It is important for us to show our loved ones how special they are, to raise our children to higher ground. That is our purpose. I think it is especially important to highlight this when raising a girl so she can be a more confident and generous young woman. You see.. an event is not just an event. It is a ritual and serves a purpose. Women have been throwing rituals for centuries. Lucky for us we have better props!

I love creating events, from chasing up hay bales to catching up with guests to all the dramas in between. Whatever we decide to do this year, it will be special and meaningful. I look forward to the day Ava and I can plan something together – whether it be an alien themed party for her or a small celebration for two. But for now I will have to go with indulge. A line will be drawn on a rainy day.. when the right time calls for it.

Last minute Mummy’s Day High Tea!

God bless my darling husband. I adore my hubby.. but perhaps like most men, he has barely a concept for what it takes to host a party for 12.. plus kids.

This afternoon he asked if we could host Mother’s Day this year. Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking, hosting and we recently moved to a house that allows us to comfortably entertain large groups. That will not be an issue. However, I am a planner and I like doing things from scratch. Perfectly. This combined, I am always making more work for myself than I should. For such event I have to devise a menu, pick a theme, ensure I have enough props, delegate what guests should bring, get the house cleaned, shop, start making/preparing. And I have 3 days to do this.

My side of the family live overseas so this event is mainly for hub’s mum, nanna, sisters and sort of kind of me.. I’m more the hostess, which I do not mind at all.

Anyway I decided to do High Tea – fiddly food yes, but easy to eat, hardly any post cleaning up and preparation can be done in advanced. I got the hardest (rolling of eyes) task underway – Shopping for napkins and serving ware at Wheel and Barrow – LOVE that place (it’s similar to a mini Pottery Barn). I decided on a navy and blue theme.


On the menu – dark chocolate tart, raspberry custard tartlets, assorted mini sandwiches, assorted mini quiche, fruity mocktail (a dash of vodka in mine work wonders!) plus healthy oatmeal cookies and mini banana muffins for the kids. Please check back in for recipes and photos! Have not made the dark chocolate tart before so wish me luck!

First Post. Where to start..

The thought of starting a mummy blog had always appealed to me. I wanted to connect and share with other mums my experience as a stay at home mum and all the fabulousness of my baby. I figured: I like writing, I love my life as a mum and I’m pretty good with technology. This blog could act as a journal to be published when I feel like indulging in the brilliance of my baby. So a while back I started posting.. only to find my points sounded better in my head. I deleted the narcissistic post immediately, started another, edited, deleted and re-started so many posts that the thought of RSI haunted me. Never content with the contents, I deleted the last frustrating post and didn’t look back.

There are so many brilliant mummy blogs out there – some informative, others funny, many educational. All offering to inspire and condition. I am certainly not aiming to be all of the above but I figured that I was perhaps approaching this blog idea from a wrong angle. How will my blog contribute to the world? Sure it’s great to brag about how brilliant baby is.. but whose baby isn’t? Don’t we all feel our baby/toddler/child is amazing, great at hitting milestones, precious.. even more precious than the vintage apothecary jar that she just broke? The blog needed to be more.

So, armed with a new blog host and a new goal, I attempt once more at starting a blog.

Have you ever had a stole-my-heart, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it-moment that you wish someone had witnessed with you? One that doesn’t sound that exciting by the time you repeat it to a friend the next day? I have.. So many! And I wish I could diarise the moments then and there. Being a mum can be tough, often lonely, especially when none of your friends have kids and the only companion you have is baby, dog and yourself. But I love it and there is so much I want to share about being mum to Ava, our daily adventures and mishaps, experiments, successes – all the moments that put mummy-hood into evidence.