Technology. Love it or hate it? If you’re reading this from your phone or tablet, you probably love it. I certainly do, so does everyone else in the house – hubby and toddler.

There is some controversy surrounding the exposure of technology for toddlers. Some are against it, some embrace it. In my opinion, educational apps encourage brain development and early learning. Our toddler Ava has been exposed to technology – the iPad since I started downloading educational apps for her at 6 or 7 months old. Is it the bright colours that she is attracted to? Or is it the interaction she receives? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as though we allow her to be on the iPad 24/7 tapping at Angry Birds. She is allowed 1.5-2 hours max for educational apps only.

The iPad serves to challenge Ava’s mental development and so far it has done just that. At 20 months she can complete a 12 piece puzzle and recognize letters, numbers and animals. She has also shown me one or two shortcut skills!

Not bad for a toddler who doesn’t go to daycare. It occurred to me that she is more techno at her age than I was at 25!

Some may argue that similarities exist between sitting a child in front of a tablet and sitting a child in front of the TV. Yes, both can serve as babysitters when you need to cook dinner – I’ve been guilty of that. Who hasn’t!

So.. Is iPad the future of learning? Research has shown significant development in autistic kids from using iPad; many classrooms around the world are equipped with iPad; grandparents everywhere now have access to the world right at their fingertips. Clearly the evolution of learning has advanced enormously in just a few years.

Who knows what a classroom would look like by the time Ava goes to high school but any high tech curriculum will undoubtedly stem from the iPad.