Last minute Mummy’s Day High Tea!

God bless my darling husband. I adore my hubby.. but perhaps like most men, he has barely a concept for what it takes to host a party for 12.. plus kids.

This afternoon he asked if we could host Mother’s Day this year. Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking, hosting and we recently moved to a house that allows us to comfortably entertain large groups. That will not be an issue. However, I am a planner and I like doing things from scratch. Perfectly. This combined, I am always making more work for myself than I should. For such event I have to devise a menu, pick a theme, ensure I have enough props, delegate what guests should bring, get the house cleaned, shop, start making/preparing. And I have 3 days to do this.

My side of the family live overseas so this event is mainly for hub’s mum, nanna, sisters and sort of kind of me.. I’m more the hostess, which I do not mind at all.

Anyway I decided to do High Tea – fiddly food yes, but easy to eat, hardly any post cleaning up and preparation can be done in advanced. I got the hardest (rolling of eyes) task underway – Shopping for napkins and serving ware at Wheel and Barrow – LOVE that place (it’s similar to a mini Pottery Barn). I decided on a navy and blue theme.


On the menu – dark chocolate tart, raspberry custard tartlets, assorted mini sandwiches, assorted mini quiche, fruity mocktail (a dash of vodka in mine work wonders!) plus healthy oatmeal cookies and mini banana muffins for the kids. Please check back in for recipes and photos! Have not made the dark chocolate tart before so wish me luck!


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